Why Alabama is Awesome?

So for my first real post, I wanted to make a list on why Alabama is awesome. Here it goes:

It’s in the heart of the Bible Belt – I am a Christian. Most, not all, people practice some form of religion in Alabama. This is a huge part of everyday life.

Food – One of my favorite subjects to talk about. The food here is fantastic, it is simple yet to the point. As a matter of fact, I will be posting recipes for various types of food.

Women – The women here are gorgeous, just like food they are quite simple. Now there are some exceptions to this. I’ll talk about this later.

Sports – Alabama has sports, can you believe it? We have them all, even hockey but, that is in the northern part of the state. Where I come from, baseball is king. Quick Fact: I played 2 years of college baseball.

Alabama vs Auburn – It is unreal, the rivalry is the best in the country. Just watch Roll Tide/War Eagle. And if you want to debate this, I’m ready.

Hunting – Hunting is year round, there are seasons for a vast amount of animals. This is also how we get food. I have half a deer in the freezer at this very second.

Fishing – Food!! Just like hunting, there is numerous types of fish to catch. My personal favorite:    Crappie

Shooting – Shooting is one of my big hobbies. I have grown up around them and, respect them for what they are. Also, Alabama is an open carry state, though there are some requirements first. I will be talking about guns and gun rights more in depth later on.

The weather – Is crazy, but I, myself, enjoy it.

Women, Did I say that already? – Just had to mention it again. Notice that I didn’t say “girls”.

Golf – Yeah I didn’t mention it in the sport part but, hey! I’m not perfect. I grew up playing golf. Though it is specified as the “rich man’s game”, if you know people you can play quite reasonably. The are many golf courses around the state that are easily Tour ready. Farmlinks, Shoal Creek, Ross Bridge to name a few.

We have internet! – No way?…..yes way!….how could I write this?

I know there are some others that I am forgetting but, I will think of those later.

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